Body Love Guide

Body Love Guide


A 20-page guide and workbook to loving your body beautiful. Be your best self with ease. And pleasure!!

Would you love to feel good about yourself and end the preoccupation with food and your body forever?

Would you also love to learn to listen into your inner wisdom and feel peace?

And be the woman who is easily and naturally her most at ease and radiant self?!

There is no magic diet or detox that can take the place of developing the consciousness of a woman who loves her body and truly knows herself..

This guide willfacilitate your experience of :

* What it means to LOVE YOUR BODY BEAUTIFUL and how to do this.. (Thoughts like, "It's hard to lose weight" or "I'm not as attractive as before" mean that this is your reality).. 

* How to FEEL your feelings, know what you are REALLY HUNGRY FOR and how to provide it (so you don't eat or drink your feelings).

* How GUILT keeps your body hanging onto excess weight and why a GUILT-FREE diet is the way to be your best self with ease.  

* Why it's important to work with your INNER REBEL and not against her. Learn to finally give up trying to be perfect and finally make HEALTHY CHANGES THAT STICK.

* Why your WILD + FREE self is essential to your well-being and how to incorporate her into your daily life.

* PLEASURE!! Why it's essential, how to incorporate more and maximimise the positive effects.

This is available NOW for purchase and is immediately downloadable so you can get started on this journey to loving your body beautiful.. and be that woman who is able to eat what she desires and not even think too much about it.

Plus!! When you purchase the Body Love guide + workbook, you also receive personal support from Mireille. Send us your questions.

With so much love,

Mireille xxx



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If you have any challenges or queries, including about the material and exercises, please contact

I'd love to help you personally and answer your questions so that you can really receive the most from this work. I'll send you an email or FB video in response.

With so much love,

Mireille xxx